Hi there! Come on in and relax. You want to feel better; I want to help.

You understand that there is a connection between how you are living and how you are feeling. You want to go beyond just masking symptoms -- you want to understand their message so they don't come back. You want to work with someone who will see you as a whole person, who will listen to you and encourage you to make changes that line up with how you want to feel -- confident, energized, joyful. You want to live a life that feels deeply meaningful and in alignment with your deepest self. You've come to the right place.

Whether we're working together in my clinic, a workshop, or a learn-from-home class, my goal is to empower you to live the most authentic, healthy life possible. Nothing brings me more joy than to watch this happen.

In eleven years of clinical practice, I have seen that the people who are willing to move differently, breathe differently, eat differently, interpret life differently, and make time for self-care are the people who really end up feeling dramatically different: healthy, confident, joyful, and free.

So to me, teaching is healing. To help you on your path, I break down complex theories from the Chinese Medicine, yoga, and scientific traditions into digestible chunks for use in your daily life. I offer practical information, compassion, humor, encouragement, and innovative self-care strategies. If you'd like this kind of support, join the growing tribe of empowered self-healers.

Acupuncture is the art of inserting flexible, hair–thin needles into specific points on the body to help a person heal. An acupuncture point is a point at which qi (pronounced “chee,” meaning the body’s life force or vital energy) gathers and may be accessed. Acupuncture is the most well–known branch of Chinese Medicine.
Learn Qi Gong at Home!
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I have helped thousands of people ease pain, stress, anxiety, fatigue and chronic conditions in my acupuncture practice. While acupuncture and herbs are indeed powerful medicine, they’re not the only way. It’s the stuff you do every day on your own that will change your life. I created these courses to show you how.
In Chinese Medicine, herbs are blended together to correct the underlying imbalance in the body as well as alleviating the symptoms. Life in Balance Acupuncture’s herbal pharmacy contains over 120 different herbs for making customized formulas to address your specific condition. A well–designed Chinese Herb formula can treat many different symptoms at once.
There are no retreats currently scheduled. Read about past classes here, or sign up for a learn-from-home course.
In Classical Chinese Medicine, there are “Three Treasures:” vitality, energy, and spirit. When all three are integrated, an individual can realize his/her full potential. An acupuncture point can be an opening to your deepest healing, a doorway to your the next stage of the evolution of your consciousness.
I practice and teach Chinese Medicine so you can experience vibrant health. Health isn’t just the absence of symptoms, though that’s certainly nice. It’s feeling present for your life and the people in it.
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