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“I learned how to view my body in a more compassionate way, and to see self-care as fun and a reward instead of something I have to fit in to my time.”

– Elena Robinson


“One of (Brodie’s) gifts in teaching is letting it go deeper than just a class, and (her) grace and “realness” — showing us how [qi gong] can be part of life and a practice during hard times — this is what hooked me on qi gong. (Brodie has) an amazing gift for presenting things with stories, scientific details, and emotional depth. I always feel more connected and whole afterwards. When I get home, I know I’ll be listening to my heart and body, and then taking risks towards growth.”

– Rachael Weber


“(Brodie) helped me to trust what my body is telling me and accept its cravings/pain as wise communication.”

– Ian Naftzger


“(Brodie is) great at facilitating discussion and engaging a group in complex and dense material. I love how (she) draws on various perspectives and uses humor to make the material accessible. (Brodie has) a wealth of knowledge to share and (she does) so passionately and compassionately.
Now, I feel like I have returned to my heart — the place that gently speaks to me of its desires and reminds me of my ability to carry out those desires without fear. I have also returned to acceptance of what is, as opposed to wanting to strive for ideals… I am reminded of my capacity for compassion towards myself.”

– Breanna Johnson


“[The most valuable part of working with Brodie was] cultivating self-acceptance and self-care through creating routines that honor my true essence or desires. Identifying the essential yin from the external yang of my life. Maybe ‘less is more’. (Brodie is) a very intelligent and articulate human who shines with exuberance and passion for her work and for life. (She is) also humble and has a great sense of humor.”

– Liz Bounds, Lake Oswego, OR


“Encouraging… fulfilling… grounding…“

– Araya Sol


“(Brodie has) a wealth of knowledge/information and expressed it in a way that made it accessible to all levels of experience. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and knowledge. Looking back, I see the journey you have led us through.”

– Ann W.


“(Brodie is) inspiring in (her) intelligence and knowledge of Chinese Medicine. Felt safe, listened to, experienced very strong feelings of joy and awareness in the workshop.”

– Stephanie, Portland, OR


“All (Brodie’s) workshops have been game-changers for me. They’ve sparked self-awareness and offered practical, doable changes in my curiosity, sense of possibility, ability to sustain effort in a desired direction. Thank you!”

– Laila Ayyoub, Corvallis, OR


“(Brodie has) a gift for explaining complex concepts with great clarity.”

– Phyllis Lefohn, Clancy, MT, Qigong Teacher


“Brodie Welch’s qigong classes have been a gateway to my discovering health and ease of being. Her depth of knowledge, engaging teaching style, and experienced practice offers a profoundly transformative experience that has helped me feel enlivened on a cellular level. I feel so lucky to have her teachings as a part of my life. It’s because of Brodie that I was introduced to qigong and fell in love with the practice. Qigong has helped me overcome many negative emotions in my life, including anxiety, fear, sadness and overwhelm. Some of these had such a powerful grip on my body that they were daily companions that continually depleted my ability to step into the life that I was wanting but wasn’t experiencing. Qigong has helped me get out of this dissociated rut. It has also helped me restore my natural wake-sleep rhythm.”

– Rachael Mueller


“The beautiful reminders of the utmost importance of daily consistent practice… I love the new breathing tools — and the qigong — so many wonderful options to center and ground me each day… your vast knowledge, practice, passion and enthusiasm for Chinese Medicine and all of the mind body spirit practices… was so fascinating, insight producing, life enhancing and kind of mind blowing! Simply — YOU ROCK!”

– Celia C.; Corvallis, OR


“[I’ve gained] a greater understanding of my constitutionality and the Five Elements. I sense my connectedness with nature, the universe, other beings. I have strengthened my motivation to meditate. I am filled with a tremendous sense of gratitude for Brodie’s generosity with time and sharing of her love and expansive knowledge.”

– Lynne S.; Corvallis, OR


“Perfection… filling… I got what I came for and then some…”

– Tim; Corvallis, OR


“Spontaneous humor and laughter are such strengths for (Brodie). A sweet carrier agent for information/learning. (Her) enthusiasm is infectious, (her) plans and activities are inclusive and address all parts: emotion, body, spirit, mind. I have a lot of new “seeds” to take home with me and nurture into bloom.”

– Layla C.


“I am more grounded, breathing deeper than ever before, and loving my daily practice instead of dreading it… I could go on and on. I feel like I can breathe all the way into my toes. The calming serenity of breath feels completely new to me. It is like discovering a super power!”

– Erin Ryan; Corvallis, OR


“Brodie’s dedication and vast knowledge made this week an opportunity to learn on various levels, seek answers to a lot of questions about my life, my purpose and consolidate my awareness. The opportunity to share experiences, opinions, sentiments, feelings, fears and joys with a group of truly open minded people enriched the learning. The take-away is immense! A month or so later, I meditate daily; I visit the little qigong knowledge with great enthusiasm. I read over my notes from our sessions; I feel the week was a turning point in my life, the timing couldn’t have been better and I have been integrating many principles of Chinese medicine, qigong, yoga, and philosophy on a daily basis. And, it’s working — it’s not an effort; it’s natural.”

– Agnes Mallet-Carbonneau; Seattle, WA


“Brodie is a born teacher whose enthusiasm, passion, and sense of humor make challenging material very engaging.”

– Lynn Haeffele; Corvallis, OR


“Brodie is a passionate, exuberant teacher and her knowledge of and excitement about this field are infectious.”

– Pat Newport; Corvallis, OR


What patients are saying …


“Just wanted to say a quick Thank You! I wish I could see you every week! Not only did my hand stop hurting completely (why does this always amaze me???), I was able to stop a migraine before it could hit; and my gut is happy again… I love acupuncture!”

– Anne, Oregon


“My chronic lower back and neck pain are gone, blood pressure and cholesterol are under control. I am happier, calmer, less anxious, more balanced, more aware and conscious, more in touch with my life force.”

– Susan Richardson


“My allergies are now something that I can handle and this allows me to stay in the Willamette Valley all spring and summer without steroids.
Brodie has also helped tremendously with hip and feet pain; I do a lot of traveling and am on my feet everywhere I go. Without Brodie’s help I could never keep promoting my business around the world.”

– Rob Gandara


“Brodie has worked with me in managing the chronic tightness and pain in my shoulders and neck. Not just through acupuncture, but through a whole body approach. Helping me to slow down and focus on what is most meaningful to me — my stress is greatly decreased.”

– Lynn Honey


“I no longer have an ankle problem, but the real improvement is always my sense of overall well-being that I have developed through my work with Brodie.”

– Deborah Hobbs


“I began acupuncture treatment for my two trigger thumbs 2 months ago. Amazingly I now am enjoying full mobility for golf, tennis and all of my exercise. The greatest results of working with Brodie have been to my overall health at age 62. Breathing techniques, healthy eating with a fresh look at herbs and spices. Exercises for life and a sense of total well being. It’s funny I came in looking for healing for my thumbs, but my sessions have left me healthier in a much more holistic way. I no longer have a craving for sweets or empty calories as a result of my treatments with you. I have a really renewed sense of purpose in my daily activities and my cooking and my exercise and just plain even breathing. Much healthier lifestyle thanks to you.”

– Heather Jager


“Brodie has been a major force in my move from debilitating pain to being able to function normally.”

– Bobbie Weber


“Brodie is knowledgeable, compassionate, and truly caring in her approach to healing. She took the time to see the whole picture before beginning treatment, and has provided great suggestions and advice. Although I originally began to see Brodie for lower-back pain (with great results), I continued treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. I was diagnosed with RA over thirty years ago and was taking a combination of meds with limited success. I worried about the long term impact of the anti-inflammatory meds on my health. Brodie’s integrated approach to my health: acupuncture, Chinese herbs, coupled with conversations about food and exercise resulted in an amazing transformation in my overall health. I have lost weight, been able to stop taking the anti inflammatory meds with no flare-ups and overall I feel better than I have in years. I also went through menopause during this time and credit Brodie for almost a complete lack of symptoms.
I feel blessed to have Brodie in my life. I would recommend her for anyone who is dealing with a chronic illness and/or looking to take control of their overall health.”

– Sandy Neubaum


“Acupuncture has greatly improved my health in all areas treated and contributed positively to my overall wellness! [Brodie has helped me with] neck pain (herniated disc), infertility, carpal tunnel, overall wellness and stress management.”

– Julia Paz, MD


“There are many aspects of my overall health that have improved from Brodie’s care. One in particular was the elimination of knee pain. When I first came for acupuncture treatment of my knees, the pain was keeping me awake at night. A series of treatments has been so effective in eliminating knee pain that it never awakens me, and has restored mobility to full capability.”

– Lynne Schauble


“Brodie’s holistic approach accepts that we lead busy Western lives, and she asks us to examine what some of the causes of our illness may be. I’m much less susceptible to immunity breakdown, colds and effects of stress due to her good care.”

– Cynthia Spencer


“Lots of good things [have come from my work with Brodie] — especially more energy and joy brought to me, and better eating and lifestyle.”

– Margarita Donnelly


“After suffering from hereditary and degenerative hand tremors for over 35 years, I decided to use several sessions of Brodie’s acupuncture. Not only did I realize a 90% improvement, but I have maintained steady hands for eight years through acupuncture. Amazing!”

– Mary Zaske


“Just want to share with you that I have been blessed with profound experiences and insights since our Thursday session. People are saying “I love you” and finally (!) I find I am able to believe them. I guess you would know – the fog in my vision was/is also the inability to see my own heart? I expect it to be a very interesting 5 years.”

– {A grateful patient}


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