Episode 24: Shame Resilience

with Jen Kind, LPC, CDWF, EPC


Is shame keeping you from realizing your value? In this episode, Brodie talks with Jennifer Kind, LPC, CDWF, EPC, a Psychotherapist and coach in Portland, OR who works with people cultivating more shame resilience, self-acceptance, and the ability to be kinder to themselves and others. Jen believes shame holds people back; it is not a good motivator for change. Shame breeds fear, anxiety, depression, and paralysis. It keeps us from becoming who we are; it keeps us from living our truth.



In this episode, we explore:


  • The ways shame holds us back
  • Unhealthy cultural attitudes about vulnerability
  • How there can be no courage without vulnerability
  • Ways shame can manifest in our bodies and emotions
  • Ways to build resilience against shame
  • The connection between shame and body image




Jennifer Kind, LPC, CDWF, EPC is a Psychotherapist and Coach in Portland, Oregon. When she’s not singing songs to her dog or braving her own humanity, she supports her clients around cultivating more shame resilience, self-acceptance, and the ability to be kinder to themselves and others.

Jennifer has a BA in Psychology from UC Berkeley and an MA in Integral Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. She has also completed trainings in Hakomi, Mindfulness, and Myers-Briggs. She is a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator (the work of Dr. Brené Brown), as well as a Certified Eating Psychology Coach.



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Brené Brown’s Ted Talk: The Power of Vulnerability

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