Episode 43: The Collective Evolution Phenomenon

with Grace Edison, Studio Owner, Yoga Teacher, Yoga Health Coach, and Brodie’s Friend

Do you try to change your habits again and again, only to fall back into old patterns?

In Episode 43, Chinese Medicine expert and host Brodie Welch, L.Ac. talks with Grace Edison, Studio Owner, Yoga Teacher, Yoga Health Coach, and Brodie’s friend, about what it takes to make big changes in our health habits. Grace lived with bipolar depression and addiction for years, even though she knew everything she needed to do to start feeling better. It wasn’t until she joined a course about habit change and experienced evolution alongside peers that new habits began to stick.


In this episode, we explore:

  • Why we have trouble seeing our own hang-ups
  • What’s different about a shared evolution experience?
  • What are the benefits of changing one’s habits alongside peers?
  • Why does our culture seem to think it’s ok, and even normal, for people, and especially women, to self-medicate?




Grace’s Website

Grace’s new Yoga of Money Course

Brodie’s new group program, Eleven Weeks to Level Up Your Life

For more information on Chinese Medicine and to stay in touch with Brodie, visit brodiewelch.com.

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