Episode 52: Uncovering Your Purpose

with Brooke Bailey, Four Desires Trainer and Yoga Teacher

Do you know why you were put on this planet?

It seems like such a deep, intense question, and in some ways it is, but it’s also totally up to you; you alone have the power and intuition to discover your true purpose. That doesn’t mean everything and everybody around you isn’t going to try and steer you in a different direction, though. In Episode 52, Brodie talks with Brooke Bailey, Four Desires Trainer and Yoga Teacher, about how to uncover your true purpose and how when we’re quiet and choose to listen, we can hear it calling to us on our path.


In this episode, we explore:

  • Dharma – what is it and how can we discover it?
  • The Four Desires
  • How taking care of ourselves is key to fulfilling our purpose
  • How allowing ourselves to get out of balance can cause us to veer off of our path




Brooke’s Website (where you can find her 5 Simple Shifts You Can Make TODAY for Less Stress and More JOY!)

Brooke’s Facebook

Rod Stryker’s “The Four Desires”

Brodie’s eBook, 5 BioHacks to Reduce Stress

Brodie’s Group Program implementing habit change, Eleven Weeks to Level Up Your Life

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