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Become an Affiliate

Thanks for being curious about my affiliate program for learn-from-home classes. If you aren’t already familiar with my existing courses, check them out here.

Here are some details about becoming an affiliate:

We’re a good match if you are a:

Natural healer, acupuncturist, naturopath, doctor, herbalist, life coach, health coach, chiropractor, nurse practitioner, holistic health blogger, yoga studio owner, or company that serves to empower people to take care of themselves

  • You’ve got a website, blog, email list, or social media pages
  • You can install a bit of tracking code on your webpage or emails
  • You’re willing to promote my course via your newsletter, website, or blog
  • You’re a highly ethical and upstanding person

How this benefits you:

  • You get a passive stream of income at no cost, with no inventory
  • You get 50% commission off every purchase
  • You empower your clients with life-long self-care tools to manage stress and anxiety, helping you to get better clinical results
  • Your patients gain a deeper understanding of holistic health, Chinese Medicine, and yoga philosophy

How to become an affiliate:

First, fill out and submit the below application.

We respect your email privacy

Once we approve your application, you’ll get a copy of the Agreement and your login info. Then you can log in to your web portal, grab your marketing materials, and start earning commissions!


How much commission do I make?
50% commission on any sales that result from anyone purchasing a learn-from-home course via one of your affiliate links. (You do not earn commission for anything that happens in person or on the phone – just the online products.)

How do I get paid?
Electronically, monthly, via PayPal is the current strategy.

How can I track my earnings?
You’ll have 24/7 online access to your account through WP Affiliate with your own login name and password.

What kind of marketing materials can you help me with?
I’ll provide you with a banner ad and text link for you to place on your website, blog or your email newsletters. I’ve also written a sample sales letter you for you to send to your list to make it super easy for you to promote the course — of course you can change it up to match your communication style as long as the tracking link stays intact. You can also feel free to make use of the testimonials at the bottom of the Calm Yourself sales page.

Can I earn commission off of services that my clients purchase on the phone or in-person?
No. This affiliate program is for online products only.

What limitations do you have on promoting your products?
I only want to do business with people of the highest integrity. Please promote my course honestly and lovingly.

How many products do you currently have?
At this moment, a grand total of 2. But it’s an awesome two. And more are in the works.

Is there any way I can sample your teaching style without taking the course myself?

Why yes, you can download my free teleclass “22 Ways To Love Your Liver”

(Please note: the quality of this recording is far inferior to those in the learn-from-home classes.)

If you have any other questions, shoot me an email. If you’re ready to get started, fill out the application above.







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