Episode 01: Needlephobia

Chinese Medicine expert and host Brodie Welch, L.Ac., talks with colleague Joe Moceus, L.Ac. about the primary reason people resist getting acupuncture: needlephobia.

As recovering needlephobes themselves, Brodie and Joe understand the wariness. However, they’re also here to tell you that acupuncture needles are nothing like other needles you’ve encountered: up to 40 can fit inside a hypodermic.

Hear about Brodie and Joe’s first experiences receiving acupuncture, what an acupuncture needle looks and feels like, what kind of sensations you might expect, potential alternatives, and more in the inaugural episode of A Healthy Curiosity.

The show begins with a 2-minute overview about Brodie’s vision for the podcast: a blend of expert interviews that demystify natural healing modalities that could potentially help you, along with real, practical, conversations with people trying to walk a healthy, conscious path in a busy world, and what gets in the way.


We then explore:

  • Brodie’s first experience with acupuncture, in light of her own needlephobia
  • Joe’s first experience with acupuncture, in light of his needlephobia
  • The size and shape of an acupuncture needle
  • What acupuncture feels like (is it painful…?)
  • What that needle is actually doing in there, and what you might feel after the needles are in
  • An introduction to the wonderful world of “aculand,” a magical place we’ll revisit frequently in this podcast
  • For other practitioners: what tools Brodie and Joe use to help put their patients at ease in the clinic
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