You have the right to take care of yourself. Need a reminder?

You’ve got a good sense of how to take care of yourself, but somehow life keeps getting in the way.

Deadlines and other people’s needs seem more urgent, so you stay up a little later to get it all done. You cut your meditation practice short, maybe blow off a workout to save time.

You find yourself in the all-too-familiar place of feeling stressed out, tired, and kinda meh.

You soothe your nervous system with a second glass of wine, telling yourself “it’s just a busy time right now” and you’ll get back into a better routine someday soon. 

The thing is, there’s NEVER a convenient time to make lifestyle changes.

At some point, you have to decide that it’s time to bridge the gap between what you know you need to be doing to take care of yourself and actually doing it.

It’s time to Level up Your Life.

Make 2018 the year you start really enjoying your life, embodying the person you want to be, rather than just getting through the day. 


“I’ve struggled to take care of myself when I feel other peoples’ wants pulling at me. Through Level Up, I’ve developed an increased willingness to honor my needs and to keep up my self-care/love practices, even if it means drawing boundaries with those I love.”

– Celia Cavalli


“When I started this program, I felt very scattered and frustrated on a daily basis because I was putting all this pressure on myself but wasn’t meeting my goals.
Now I have a solid morning routine, which includes daily meditation. I feel awesome and so empowered and ready to start my day.
Level Up has been totally instrumental in setting a structure for me to be able to progress in a healthy way without beating myself up or do it all perfectly. My sleep, diet, energy, and confidence have all improved. I’ve been blown away and really grateful to Brodie and the group and this whole experience.”
  – Priya Massand


Prioritizing self-care can be wicked hard – it’s way easier with support. 

That’s why I created Level Up Your Life: a deep, transformational journey designed to help you take self-care off the back burner and nurture the daily habits you need to feel at ease, energized, clear, and capable of handling what comes your way.

If you’re wanting to:

        finally put yourself on your own-to-do list

  •        feel strong, energized and vital

        feel capable of handling life with greater ease and confidence

        deepen your sleep and meditation practice

        feel lighter, clearer, and more inspired

        improve your digestion

        drop some extra weight 

        make self-care easy and automatic so you can focus on the rest of your life

        live in greater integrity with your own energy and values

        get more done in less time

  •        start treating yourself with more compassion

        develop a rock-solid platform from which to serve

then I’d love to talk with you. Click the green button:


“I feel much more centered, less stressed and more forgiving of myself and others. The most important change was deepening my meditation practice. I found it wasn’t hard and so worthwhile — it’s absolutely key to my well-being.”

– Susan Richardson 


“Finally, I’m able to put into practice what I have been reading about for a long time, but was either too afraid or too lazy to do on my own. I am encouraged that I can be the person I want to be, and can continue to change my habits at any age — it’s never too late!”

– Jindra Brandejska


Here’s how it works. Each week, we focus on a super-basic habit: one that Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda and biomedicine all agree are core competencies of self-care. We each idenitfy one, doable small step in the direction of “better,” and commit to it. 

Pretty soon, that becomes the new normal. Then we take the next step. 



You’ll have the support of a motivated group all working to evolve together

with me as your guide. Just like birds flying south for the winter, it’s faster and easier to get there in a group.

People who have a supportive community are 7 times more likely to achieve their goals than those who don’t. 


You can do the course in 11 Weeks, or you can get the Annual Pass. The difference is that while 11 weeks is long enough to change the direction you’re heading, to start steering in a new direction, it can take months to really bring a new habit onto autopilot. With 11 habits in the course, it takes a year to create a new normal with all of them.



Here’s what you’ll get with Level Up:


        A weekly email and a 20-60 minute audio lesson on one of the 11 core habits self-care

        Personalized Coaching on 11 group calls with me and a small group of conscious peers

        Three One-On-One Laser Coaching Sessions of 15-minutes each, scheduled as you need them throughout the program to catapult you over hurdles 

        A downloadable ebook that walks you through the habits

        Recipes, tip sheets and reflection sheets to help you implement the habit changes with whole foods, acu-points, essential oils, bodymind practices

        Meditations for you to download, to help you turn inward and spark your intuitive wisdom

        Weekly Acu-point Allies to help with the stuff we’re working on

        Ongoing Community Support and Accountability in our Private Facebook group to help you stay on track. This program is application-only, so you’ll be in really good company. You’ll also be connected with a growth buddy– your companion on this journey for extra support and accountability 

        Bonus: A downloadable copy of 12 Treasures Qi Gong: Your Movement Multivitamin: a moving meditation practice you can use every day ($250 value)

        Bonus Gathering in Corvallis, Oregon at the end of the program to celebrate in person and nurture the connections we’ve made


“I am feeling more comfortable and present in my body, and I can feel the empowerment that comes from that, both physically and also in terms of strengthened boundaries. You have been such a gift in my life, Brodie! Thank you for this, and for keeping me on this journey of learning, deepening and growing.”

– Rachael Weber

You’re a great fit for Level Up if you are:

        Into Chinese Medicine, yoga, Ayurveda, and the body-mind connection already

        Willing to make small shifts in your daily routines and run experiments in your daily life

        Able to show up for most of the coaching calls and have 45 mins/ week to listen to the lesson

        Willing to engage with the other participants with kindness

        Ready to evolve into a new version of yourself


“Deep down, I didn’t really believe I could change. After all, nothing I tried had worked in the past. Now I know better! Thanks to the comprehensive curriculum, the personal coaching from Brodie, and the support and encouragement from other course members, I am making healthier choices in my daily life. Even better, I’m confident that I can continue to do so.

I’m happier and more confident, and am way more kind to myself — less negative self-talk and perfectionism. I’m treating myself with the same compassion I give to others, which has made a huge difference in my outlook on life.

Level Up is the real deal. It works!” – Diana Titus


Level Up is not for you if:

        You have no interest in aligning your lifestyle with the wisdom of Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and yoga

        You’re unwilling to experiment with changes in your daily routine

        You’re not ready to let go of the bragging rights that come from being stressed and tired all the time

        You’re not ready to show up for yourself for 11 weeks

        You really prefer working 1:1

“It was scary to put that kind of money toward self-care, and it was totally worth it! I was struggling with clarity and trusting/knowing myself. Slowing down and connecting to deeper self-care has been amazing for my self-realization and remembering that I know who I am, and I know how to live with ease and joy, when I allow it. This course helped me to better care for myself. I look forward to reviewing the materials in the years to come.”

– Naomi Halpern

The same habits that got you where you are aren’t necessarily going to get you to where you want to be.

The good news is that small shifts + repetition => Wildly different results.

We’re talking about the two-degree shift in navigation that will take you in a new direction. Why go it alone? 


If you’re ready to up your game, Schedule a free discovery call.




Q: When does the program start?

A: The next round will begin February 13, 2018. To see if you’re a good fit for the program,  click here to schedule a Discovery Call with Brodie.

Q: When are the Group Calls?

A: Mostly Tuesdays, 5pm Pacific time.

Q: What if I have to miss a call or two?

A: No problem. The calls will be recorded so you can listen later. You’ll also have the Laser Coaching sessions and the Facebook group, plus your Growth Buddy, to serve as back-up.

Q: Will I have to learn a lot of new stuff?

A: No. You don’t need a lot of new information; you need support in implementing what you already know.  In the weekly audio teachings (rooted in Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and yoga philosophy), you’ll glean insight and motivation into why these core habits are so important, which could help the things you already know take root in a new way. You’ll also learn about the science of habit change. At the same time, you’ll certainly glean some new self-care tools like acupoints, essential oils, and a deeper understanding of the energetics of life — but these things are 100% optional. The focus is on implementation — making the changes, not assimilating new information. 

Q: How is this program different from your Basics of Chinese Medicine course?

A: The main difference is information versus transformation. Basics of Chinese Medicine offers a TON of new information. The focus there is to immerse you in the basics of Chinese Medicine theory to see yourself in a new way. It’s an information-based class, and it’s largely up to you to figure out how that information is best applied to your own life. If you want a deep-dive into yin and yang, 5 element theory, and dietary guidelines from an energetic perspective, Basics is the course for you.

If personal transformation is what you’re looking for, and you could use some support in grounding yourself in healthy daily habits,  Level Up is a better fit. You get access to me as your personal self-care strategist, and I bring my knowledge of Chinese Medicine, yoga, Ayurveda, behavioral science, meditation, qi gong, essential oils, etc. to your particular circumstances. You also get the support of conscious peers who are ready to make these changes, too. It’s like a holistic health support group — or self-care boot camp 🙂

Q: How do you know you can get these results?

A: The program is rooted in the time-tested wisdom of Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and yoga, the rhythms of nature, and the habits of the sages.  Plus, I’ve helped thousands of people just like you in my past 17 years in the healing arts, and that’s without the group support piece, which behavioral science research tells us is one of the key factors in whether new habits will stick.  But if you like data, here are some numbers from the first round of the program. Of the 9 participants who responded to my survey: 

  • reported upgraded food choices
  • 6 reported increased self-compassion
  • feel more confident in knowing how to care for themselves
  • 5 reported better sleep, and having better energy
  • 5 reported less anxiety/ stress, better mental focus and clarity
  • 5 reported better access to their intuition
  • 5 people are at a healthier body weight
  • 6 reported having better boundaries at home and at work, and having more time for what matters most
  • reported better daily elimination
  • 4 reported fewer cravings for unhealthy stuff
  • 4 reported increased connection to spirit
  • 3 people reported less pain / inflammation
  • 2 people reported better libido and better sex
  • 1 person quit drinking

100% reported being closer to their Deep Why: their personal reason for joining the course.

After the second round of the course, participants really interesting changes: 

  1. Shifting from a “fixed” to a “growth” mindset. If you believe that who you are is fixed and you don’t like your current reality, it’s easy to feel hopeless. One of my course members, Diana, fundamentally shifted her belief about her ability to evolve. She’s been struggling to shift her patterns, but she’d bite off more than she could chew, feel like a failure, which would reinforce her belief that change is out of her control. “Deep down, I didn’t really believe I could change. After all, nothing I tried had worked in the past. Now I know better! I am making healthier choices in my daily life. Even better, I’m confident that I can continue to do so.”
  2. Increased self-compassion and less negative self-talk. Rather than slapping our hands away from the proverbial (or literal) cookie jar, and castigating ourselves for our lack of willpower, for example, we get curious about the payoff our current habits are having and try to address what we’re really after. Though it might feel counterintuitive, self-compassion helps people get back on track more effectively than self-flagellation. Most members report treating themselves with more kindness in thoughts, words, and deeds.
  3. Less perfectionism and black-and-white thinking. Because changing habits is hard, we focus on small changes and giving ourselves credit each time we do them. We recognize that successful people aren’t perfect, they’re just great at bouncing back after missing the mark. Rather than beating ourselves up, we learn from the slip-up and give ourselves credit for what we have been able to accomplish, because even a small change repeated over time becomes the new normal, and that’s how sustainable change happens.
  4. Massive decluttering and room repurposing. Our living spaces reflect what we do in them. So as our habits change, our spaces morph too. Closets became meditation nooks.The boullion cubes with MSG, the rancid soybean and safflower oil in those gluten-free crackers, the sugar-laden ketchup got tossed. Members took dozens of bags to goodwill, shaping their closets and homes to be more in line with present values than the past.
  5. Relationship Evolution. Just like when you start eating clean but then eat something fake and sugary and immediately notice how yucky you feel, members started to notice how the people in their lives made them feel. Many identified relationships that felt stagnant, that were coasting by on momentum, but which were no longer mutually fulfilling, and are choosing to spend less time with those people. Some drew new boundaries with friends who do drama or constantly complain. Others identified patterns that could become healthier, like meeting for walk instead of a drink. Two might be leaving their jobs at some point soon. Meanwhile, deep friendships are forming amongst the course members because they truly inspire each other, and are working towards each others’ freedom. One described it as “a true spiritual community,” something she’d been missing for a long time.
  6. More happiness, confidence, and capability When you focus on your nourishing your body, you develop a more interconnected relationship with yourself on all levels. Most members describe feeling more present, stronger, and more confident and capable on all levels. For one member processing a past trauma, the course was part of reclaiming a sense of safety in her body, helping her show up with more presence. Another consciously stopped taking on other people’s negative energy, and assuming she’s likely responsible for it.
  7. Ripple effects on the next generation A single mom who wanted to move more is now having morning dance parties with her kids. They all drink water together to make sure they all poop. In the evenings, the whole family is winding down with stretching before bed. These kids are learning the basics of self-care habits that will set them up for a lifetime of health and thriving. Even some spouses and partners started eating better and being more inspired to exercise.

Q: Sounds great, but I really want more personalized attention. Can I do the program privately?

A: There is a Level Up Jet Pack option, where you go through the program with the group PLUS an in-depth health history session (50 mins.) and four additional private coaching sessions (20 mins. each) which include lifestyle and dietary recommendations.

Q: I’m interested, but it’s not a good time for me right now. Will you run the program again?

A: Yes. Our 2018 start dates are Feb. 16, May 8, and Sept. 25. You also have the opportunity to go through the course three times at a massive discount with tons of bonuses  — because while you can plant the seeds of new habits in 11 weeks, it really takes a year for those seedlings to sprout into trees that can stand on their own as fully automated ways of being.

Q: What's your refund policy?

A: You can read our refund policy here.

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