Episode 98: Low Tox Living

with Alexx Stuart

One of our favorite guests on A Healthy Curiosity is back with us on today’s episode. Alexx Stuart is an educator and change agent who founded Low Tox Life in 2010 after seeing the lack of transparency in our food system, personal care and cleaning products. She joins me today to talk about creating healthier homes and families, living a life with fewer toxins, and the environmental impacts of the products and foods we use.

Join in and learn with me as Alexx explains some useful and practical information to help us bring our lives into greater alignment with our values and goals, from both a personal and a planetary perspective. As we talk about navigating healthy living and becoming more conscious of what we bring into our lives, we also acknowledge that there are ways to change and adopt new habits without feeling like a failure and while still allowing yourself to enjoy your life and relationships.

“It’s not about striving for some sort of perfection… it is about striving to become more and more conscious of the choices that we make and how they affect us and the planet we live on. We cannot feel guilty about what we didn’t know yesterday. Instead, feel excited about what you’re going to change from today.”

– Alexx Stuart

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity:

  • Looking deeper at what we are exposed to and how they impact our health
  • Everyday products to avoid and potentially harmful ingredients to be aware of
  • How the packaging and ingredients of our food and home products can impact our health
  • Simple ways to support your children and create greater health awareness in your home and family life

Connect with Alexx Stuart:

Website: Low Tox Life

Pre-order your copy of Alexx’s new book, “Low Tox Life.”

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