Better Sex Podcast – Holistic Approaches to Libido

This week Brodie guests on The Better Sex Podcast, where she helps us to recognize that from a Chinese medicine perspective, everything is energy, and sexual energy is an important subset of our total sum of energy reserves.

We cover how to apply all areas of the Chinese medicinal branches, the original body/mind/spirit medicine, into our lives and daily choices, “talking” and working with our organ systems to create balance.

The 5 Branches

Brodie helps us to understand the five branches of traditional Chinese Medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine looks at the body as a whole and how the organs and circulatory systems work together.

The five branches include right thinking, which is the connection between mind and body, acupuncture, herbs, bodywork such as massage, and diet.

A complete system of healthcare

Chinese Medicine is a complete system of health care that has been in practice for 3-5,000 years. Basically, it is able to address any health issue for which you do not need to visit an Emergency Room.

Stress reduction hack

Brodie tells us an important way to reduce stress and heal our bodies and minds – breathing. Proper breath technique allows our body to get into a resting, digesting, and recovering state, away from a stressful “fight or flight” state which can be detrimental over time. See the link below for a great breathing meditation lesson.


Yin and Yang describe how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.

We cover how both need to exist in harmony within every organ system for us to be healthy.

How does this all apply to sexual energy?

“How can Chinese Medicine help me have better sex? Well, let me count the ways…”

During this part of our discussion, Brodie details the five major organ systems: the Liver, the Spleen, the Heart, the Lungs, and the Kidneys. The latter being the important organ system when we talk in depth about our reproductive system energy reserves or “pilot light” as Brodie calls it.

This is an important energy reserve system which can quickly be depleted by lack of sleep and overwork, often leading to lowered sexual desire and imbalance.

So how can people get more access to their sexual energy?

Listen in to hear what you can do to maintain and improve balance and energy levels. We strategize things we can do in each branch of Chinese Medicine along with where you can find a qualified Oriental Medicine practitioner.

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