Episode 15: Is Creativity Your Missing Nutrient?

with Melissa Dinwiddie

In today’s episode, Brodie talks with Melissa Dinwiddie, artist, author, speaker, performer, and creativity instigator, about helping people reclaim their innate creativity and live what Melissa likes to call, “full color, creative lives.”

Melissa is a former non-creative person and a recovering perfectionist, so she’s intimately familiar with stifled creativity stemming from both internal and external factors. Melissa wants to change the conversation around creative expression and play, because she believes that creating helps people change the world.

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity, we explore:

  • Creativity as an essential part of a vibrant, productive life – why is it so important?
  • Creativity as more than self-indulgence or frivolous pass time
  • Creativity as an innate part of every person, even if they don’t feel creative
  • What leads people to believe they’re not creative?
  • What can people who think they’re not creative do to GET creative?
  • What does creativity have to do with willpower and the prefrontal cortex?
  • What can creativity do for your mood and relationships?
  • The many forms of creativity
  • Negative stereotypes of creative people
  • The value of creating crap

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