Episode 72: Going There

with Jen Vertanen

Jen Vertanen is a coach, mentor, speaker, and writer. She also plays the role of Mama Bear when it comes to protecting her family, a trait she developed when she was just eight years old while living in an emotionally abusive household. Because of her own experience, she knows exactly what it’s like to not have someone to confide to, and encourages people to share the hard stories so they can heal the places that hurt. She has since built a career that lets people open up about their emotional needs and help them fill the void in their hearts.

In today’s episode, Jen shares her heartbreaking story and how she eventually found her way out of the dark place was she was in. She talks about what it’s like to feel trapped and helpless, and to put a mask on when she’s out with people. She also gives inspiring tips and sound advice on how to overcome some of life’s most painful moments.

“I refuse to be this vital person on the outside and dead on the inside. It’s not fair to anyone, let alone myself.” – Jen Vertanen

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity:

  • Her story and how she became a nurturing person.
  • What’s the Mama Bear archetype?
  • How you can use different archetypes in real life.
  • What’s it like to finally address unmet emotional needs?
  • How she managed to improve her social life.
  • What is “hermiting” and how did she “hide” herself during her marriage?
  • How does she check for motivation?
  • What happens when you share the hard stories?
  • Her tip for those who want to bring in the self-mothering energy.

Key Takeaway:

  • Saying yes to positive moments and getting out of your comfort zone will significantly improve your life.
  • It’s better to feel anything at all, than feel dead.
  • You can find evidence that you’re a good person and evidence that you’re a bad person. It all boils down to which you use to define yourself.

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