Episode 31: Going Paleo

with Amie Tollefsrud, NTP & Andrea Nordling, NTP

You’ve heard of the Atkins Diet, the raw food diet, Weight Watchers, and the South Beach Diet, but do you know anything about the Paleo Diet? You might be thinking cavemen… think again.

In Episode 31, Brodie hosts Amie Tollefsrud and Andrea Nordling, the nutritional therapist practitioners behind PaleoBossBabe, the personal nutrition course designed for people looking to improve digestion, mitigate PMS symptoms, address adrenal fatigue, nix “hangry” spells, and understand their body’s cravings.

In this episode, we explore:

  • What is the Paleo Diet?
  • Who will benefit from the Paleo Diet?
  • Who won’t do well on the Paleo Diet?
  • Does going Paleo really mean no carbs?
  • The pitfalls of a low-fat diet
  • The key to delicious veggies
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