Episode 39: Losing Weight the Mindful Way

with Katrina Ubell, MD

We’ve all heard of stress eating and emotional eating, but could you be exhaustion-eating?

In Episode 39, Brodie talks with Katrina Ubell, MD, a pediatrician turned certified life and weight loss coach, about the ways mindfulness can be a helpful aid in the weight loss journey. Katrina lost 50 pounds using a variety of weight loss methods, but when she reflects on the process, mindfulness and truly listening to her body really stuck out as catalysts for success. She’s now a full-time coach for busy physicians, as well as the producer of the podcast Weight Loss for Busy Physicians.

In this episode, we explore:

  • Different kinds of needs we try to suppress with food
  • The ways mindfulness can help us understand our cravings
  • How our cultural food habits don’t align with the way our metabolisms evolved
  • The ways group programs can add an extra layer of support to weight loss


Katrina’s Website

Katrina’s Facebook Page

Katrina’s Podcast

Brodie’s Inner Knowing Healthy Eating Meditation – a tool for those looking to lose weight but encountering difficulty on the journey

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