Episode 41: Creating Your Personal Mythology

with Tracey Duncan, writer, yoga teacher, & transformation coach

When someone asks you to tell your story, what do you say? Does the story you tell represent the person you want to project out to the world?

Maybe you haven’t noticed, because you’ve never thought about it. Perhaps the answer comes so automatically it’s as though you’re on autopilot. In Episode 41, Brodie talks with Tracey Duncan, writer, yoga teacher, and transformation coach, about telling our stories consciously and authentically.

In this episode, we explore:

  • Telling stories consciously vs. unconsciously
  • The difference between a story and a collection of things that happened
  • Telling the story you’re in, not the story people want to hear from you
  • How we go about projecting different versions of ourselves to the outside world
  • Changing the arc of the story


Tracey’s website, More Yoga, Less Bullshit

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