Episode 62: Healthy Boundaries for Kind People

with Randi Buckley

Randi Buckley works with women and guides them toward gently uncovering their inner truth. Her work involves pointing towards your own divinity, the kind that supports forging your personal identity. This personal identity is made up of a union of the head, heart, and intuition. One of her main specialties is helping people get better atenforcing boundaries. This is a big deal, especially for those who easily give into peer pressure and some forms of social abuse.

Randi is here with me today to discuss the concept of having boundaries and why everyone should know how to set them. She provides insight on why it’s difficult to set boundaries, how to properly enforce boundaries, and the importance of being kind to yourself at all times.

“Boundaries are an act of kindness. They are essentially giving somebody an instruction manual to get the best version of us.” – Randi Buckley

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity:

  • How Randi decided to work with clients on enforcing boundaries?
  • Why we have the wrong notion of what a boundary really is.
  • How can you set boundaries without going overboard or being intimidating?
  • How do you cope with identity changes brought upon by setting boundaries?
  • How she helps people navigate the middle ground?
  • How to know what true kindness is.
  • Can denying someone what they want be an act of kindness?
  • The steps in enforcing boundaries.
  • The Chinese Medicine aspect involved in valuing and respecting yourself.

Key Takeaway:

  • Your boundaries are your values and action. By having them, you are taking a stand for that value in this world and shifting the world toward that value
  • People are resistant to change in other people’s boundaries because they no longer know where they will stand in their life.
  • If your kindness does not include yourself, then it’s incomplete.
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