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How to Shed Weight Without Changing Your Diet

Tired of dogma around food? Just for today, let’s side-step the landmine of a question “what should I be eating?” in favor of three often-overlooked factors: the how, when, and why. Here we go: How, When, and Why Just Eat Three Meals a Day Give yourself nourishing food three times a day, period. If you’re […]

Save the date: Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat!

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be leading a retreat at  Breitenbush Hot Springs Aug. 24-27, 2014! Breitenbush is a really sweet place.  The quiet just seeps into you as soon as you leave the parking lot.   Mountains. Hot springs. Hiking trails through old growth forests. Geothermically heated cabins.  Delicious meals.  It’s the perfect spot […]


Winter Comfort Food Recipe

Here’s a winter comfort food (vegan, gluten-free) I’ve been making about once a week — perfect antidote to the cold, damp Oregon winter. Enjoy! Yam, kale, chickpea and coconut stew (aka Brodie’s winter comfort food) 2 TB Coconut oil 1 large onion, minced 4 cloves garlic, pressed 1 1/2 TB grated ginger 3 garnet yams, […]

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My practice.  The love in my life.  Eating ripe cherries off a tree. The internet.  Being able to walk without pain.  Air travel. The roof over my head.  My amazing patients.  Tea. Music.  Sight.  Hot, running water inside my house. That the Earth continues to orbit around the sun without my help. These are just […]

Letting go

Chinese Medicine is based on the notion that humans are connected to the cycles of nature,and that everything that happens in nature also happens with us. Each of our internal organ systems resonates with a particular season of the year (and an element of nature, a color, an emotion, a taste, etc.) In the season […]

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Let there be space

A colleague showed up at my office yesterday and asked “what are you doing tonight at 7:30?”  For the first time in weeks, the answer was “I don’t have any plans, actually.” She smiled, presented me with a free ticket to the Aviv String Quartet’s performance that her husband wasn’t able to use, and left. […]