Episode 100: Brodie’s Origin Story

with Audrey Burke

Today’s episode is a bit of a twist and an unusual approach, in comparison to past episodes of the podcast. If you’ve listened to the podcast before, you’ll know that my episodes are based on interviews and visits that I conduct with other health experts, practitioners, and coaches. On today’s episode, the tables are being turned, and I am being interviewed by a listener of the podcast.

My guest today is Audrey Burke – she is a newer, but loyal listener of A Healthy Curiosity, and has found herself with a deep desire to help people. She is interested in pursuing a career in wellness but isn’t quite sure which direction to go. Audrey has a unique background, with a degree in biomedical engineering and a work history including corporate work, working on farms and for non-profits, and living in Italy as an ex-pat. She is passionate about yoga, but has found herself fascinated by Ayurveda, acupuncture, and massage school, among other things.

Audrey takes the lead with questions as I share my career and wellness journey – a journey that has been anything but linear but has led me to the beautiful combination of skills, techniques, and practices I love sharing with my clients today.

“The beautiful thing about being in the health field or the wellness field is that every ounce of work you do on yourself, is going to benefit the other people in your life. Your own personal lessons become the things you are skillful at sharing with your patients.” – Brodie Welch

On Today’s Episode:

  • My journey to finding Chinese Medicine
  • The various wellness techniques and practices I have been educated in and how I integrate all of those into my practice today.
  • How my older sister, who is passionate about Ayurveda, helped shape my journey
  • Discovering the importance of understanding yourself and getting clear on what you want your life to look like
  • What my coaching and wellness practices look like today – both from a wellness practice perspective, but also from a practical, technological, and business perspective
  • My advice for finding your unique passion and exploring your options as you embark on the journey of a wellness career
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