Episode 80: Busy, Stressed, and Food Obsessed

with Lisa Lewtan

Calling all those who have ever felt busy, stressed or food obsessed – this podcast is for you! Today I’m speaking with Health & Lifestyle Coach and author of the award winning book, “Busy, Stressed, and Food Obsessed!” – Lisa Lewtan. She shares wonderful insight into the correlation between being busy and stressed and how it can impact our eating habits. We discuss the importance of recognizing and understanding some of the emotional triggers and habits that lead us to food for pleasure as well as the ability to work past these feelings through meditation and thought control.

Through private coaching, online courses, workshops, and retreats, Lisa helps highly successful hungry go-getters to slow down, chill-out, develop a better relationship with food and stress, look good, and feel great. She has been featured in numerous publications including The Boston Globe, The Huffington Post, MindbodyGreen, and Better After 50, and has been a speaker at companies such as Canyon Ranch and Google.

“We’re using “busyness” to hide other things about ourselves. We tend to define ourselves by the things we are doing rather than just who we are.” – Lisa Lewtan

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity:

  • Are we wearing our “busyness” as a badge of honor?
  • Being aware of the language around the word busy.
  • Balancing the “have-tos,” the “wanna-dos” and the “shoulds.”
  • How the stress of being busy can lead to food obsession.
  • In a fight or flight situation, where do we flee to mentally?
  • Do we really know what it feels like to be biologically hungry?
  • The process and benefits of interrupting habits.
  • How does stress, worry and self-doubt relate to self-love?

Key Takeaway:

  • So many times when we think we’re hungry, we’re really not – we’re just not present with where we are.
  • Why are we so busy? Do we have to be busy? Do we want to be busy? Do we feel like we should be busy?

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