Thinking you “just have to live with it?” Think again.

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“Oh, it’s just my shoulder. It’s been like that for years. Sure, it wakes me up at night sometimes, and I take Aleve or ibuprofen a few times a week, but I’m used to it. It’s no big deal.”

Sound familiar?

Maybe for you it’s your hip, lower back, neck, or knee.

Sure, you’ve adapted.

Like the humming of your refrigerator, it’s become the background noise of your life.

You tolerate the pain and try and downplay it, though that’s easier some days than others. You’ve resigned yourself to just having to live with it, like rainy weather.

But what if that Thing You’ve Been Living With, that comes-and-goes chronic problem you’ve gotten so used to, could be gone in a matter of weeks or months?

What if it’s not the weather, it’s that you’ve got a leaky roof – which means there’s something you can do to feel better?

With acupuncture and electro-acupuncture, I’ve helped patients resolve or drastically reduce:

  • Neck pain that had been going on for years, so debilitating that this 71-year-old would have no choice but to lie down, essentially ending the active part of her day hours early. She had just accepted that there was nothing she could do. Now it’s either gone completely, or “slightly annoying” if she’s been particularly active.
  • Shoulder pain from an old injury that kept a 64-year-old from sleeping through the night, and limited her range of motion, now 90% pain-free and able to reach everything in her kitchen
  • Hip pain and sciatica that prevented my 60-year old travel-loving patient from being able to fully explore new cities on foot; tune-up treatments keep him pain-free for about a month
  • The bum knee that dogged this older adult’s yoga practice for years fully resolved (since treating the tight hip he didn’t even know about!)
  • Ankle pain from a decades-old injury
  • Osteoarthritis pain in the neck, low back, knee, hip, etc., kept in check for countless patients through monthly acupuncture tune-ups, enabling these folks to do more and hurt less.
  • Having arthritis doesn’t mean you have to hurt. It will, however, take maintenance. electro-acupuncture around the shoulder blade

Not only does acupuncture reduce inflammation, it prompts the release of chemicals that speed healing to injured tissue and changes the way pain signals are perceived by the brain. 

Being in pain taxes your energy, attention, and patience – and drugs come with their own risks of serious side-effects.

If your friend were living with this issue day in and day out for years, wouldn’t you want them to get some help? 

You deserve that care as well. Stop minimizing your pain, even if it could be worse. You’ve put up with it for long enough.

I would love to help you dial back the frequency and intensity of that thing you live with. Give us a call at 541 757-4868 and we’ll set you up with a treatment series or a tune-up. Maybe you can’t stop the rain, but you can patch your leaky roof and stay dry.