We’re over a year into this global pandemic and if you’re anything like my clients and patients,

You’ve been feeling a little less sparkly than you’d like.

You’re tired of being stuck in this holding pattern and the less than stellar habits that have crept in (when will we be “back to normal?”)

You’re ready to get onto a NEW normal – one that has you feeling a little less like face mask that hasn’t been washed in 10 months and a bit more fresh and vibrant.

You’re can kinda make out the light at the end of the tunnel, but still kinda dragging a$$, leaning hard into the coffee and comfort food.

​It’s understandable. Pandemic fatigue is real.

A great way to press the reset button is through a seasonal cleanse. And spring is a great time for it according to Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. Like spring cleaning from the inside out.

I resisted this concept for a long time, because I “tried that already” back n my early twenties and “it didn’t work.” In fact, it had the opposite of the desired effect.

woman saying "HARD PASS" and blinking

From my own failed attempt, and watching my friends, my understanding of how a cleanse worked was something like this:

Step 1 – Buy a bunch of random detox supplements from the natural food store

Step 2 – Not knowing what was OK to eat, I go with the spicy maple syrup lemonade all day (remember the Master cleanse, anyone?)

Step 3 – Despite drinking 2 liters of the lemonade, feel dehydrated, spacey, cold, and weak by mid-afternoon.

Step 4 – Sit down to a salad for dinner, feeling cold resentful. Angrily eat the salad. Feel unsatisfied (physically and emotionally).

Step 5– Push myself to continue for 5 more days, because I’m disciplined and this is supposed to be good for me.

Step 6– Promptly get a cold and give up.

My misguided, ill-informed approach to cleaning left me cranky, exhausted, hungry, frustrated, sick, and guilty all at once. Which led me to

Step 7: conclude “this isn’t for me“.

Can you relate?

I’ve heard some pretty alarming stories about cleansing.

Friends who starved themselves for days,
suffered immense full body aches, headaches, and felt out of their bodies.

Folks who took way too much of the wrong supplements and couldn’t poop for days.

And of course, those who have been stuck in the potentially dangerous cycle of dieting under the guise of detox – yo-yo-ing between the disordered eating patterns of bingeing and starvation.

Without the right support, and the right structure, cleansing can mess you up.

But done correctly, it could well be exactly the thing your body is craving right now.

d "elements of the cleanse," "flushing ama"," and elements of the cleanse

My friend Carly is leading an Ayurvedic cleanse that lasts 3 weeks. (So I don’t have to! Yay!)

And this isn’t a 3-week “take these vitamins and starve yourself, then go back to what you were doing before and promptly feel like crap again” detox.

The 21-day Ayurveda cleanse will teach you a ton of simple daily tools for every day self care, that you can use all year-round.

The kind of simple tools that:

  • Give you all day energy + solid night’s sleep (no more #zombiemode) without relying on caffeine and sugar.
  • Get your digestion right, and your bowels moving healthfully (tmi I know, but healthy poops matter.)
  • Help you kick unhealthy cravings to the curb (buhbye blackout snacking, it’s not me it’s you).
  • Improve the clarity of your thoughts (as well as your skin!)

Here’s how this kinder, gentler, cleanse works:

Week 1: slowly dialing back the heavy stuff, removing some of the poor quality foods and other energy drains currently burdening your system

Week 2: a week of plant-based cleansing (but still completely delicious) foods, and specific practices to moving toxins out of your bod,

Week 3 a week of easing back into a new version of normal – lighter, clearer, happier.

It all starts April 9.

Cleaning is really about simplifying digestion enough so that we can let go of the undigested crud that’s been gunking up the works. In Chinese Medicine, we call this “dampness” or “phlegm;” in Ayurveda, it’s “ama,” stemming from improper diet, mental and emotional overload.

Carly gets that we need time to process all of this, so she’ll encourage you to take time and space to digest the old stuff while you simplify your nourishment.

You’ll get a 60-page recipe guide, grocery shopping lists, group calls for community support, and even some Emotional Freedom Technique / tapping practice.

Not having to worry about how about what to eat for three solid weeks is its own form of simplifying.

Check out all the details of this kinder, compassionate cleanse here.

Spring is Liver season in Chinese medicine, which means it’s a great time to lighten up your diet, but also time to detoxify your life from what’s no longer working. This allows your qi to funnel into what you want to grow in your life. For me, what hasn’t been working for a long time is pushing myself to do too much. More on that next time. What are you ready to let go of? And what plants in your life’s garden do you want to grow?

Note: I only promote other people’s programs who I know and trust and would participate in myself. I’ve known Carly for years, had her on my podcast, and am so grateful that she’s leading this thing because I don’t have the bandwidth for it. If you sign up through my link, I’ll get to share in the profit at no extra cost to you.

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