Episode 13: Emotional Healing & Acupuncture, Part III

In Part 3 of the Emotional Healing & Acupuncture Series, Brodie shares a series of journal entries written by a patient (who we’re calling Shawna to preserve her anonymity) as she underwent a series of acupuncture treatments to help her let go of guilt and to break a parenting pattern that had been in her family for generations. Unprocessed trauma, guilt, and insecurity can hang out in the body, affecting our psychology as well as our physiology.

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity, we explore:

  • The importance of setting a particular intention for a treatment
  • What happened on the table and how it felt
  • The Extraordinary Vessels and how they affect our deep “programming”
  • How working on these deeper levels catalyzed healing for not only herself but her relationship with her daughter

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