Episode 137: Mastering Menopause the Keto-Green Way

with Dr. Anna Cabeca

Menopause can be a wild ride: brain fog, weight gain, mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats — the list goes on. Dr. Anna Cabeca has personally “recovered” from transitioning through menopause twice and shares her keto-green approach to hormonal balance.

On today’s episode we talk about…

  • how hormones are re-organizing menopause
  • how our food choices can impact
  • which keto-green foods are important to women’s health
  • how ketones help reduce brain fog caused by menopause

Dr. Anna Cabeca is an internationally acclaimed menopause and sexual health expoert, global speaker and a pioneer in women’s health. She is triple board certified in Gynecology and Obstetric Integrative Medicine, and Anti-Aging Restorative Medicine.

Dr. Anna Cabeca’s website – www.drannacabeca.com

Dr. Cabeca’s book, “The Hormone Fix: Burn Fat Naturally, Boost Energy, Sleep Better , and Stop Hot Flashes, the Keto-Green way”, can be found at – www.amazon.com 

Work with Brodie – BrodieWelch.com

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