Episode 138: Healing Anxiety

with Stephanie Dalfonzo

Healing Anxiety 

with Stephanie Dalfonzo

Have stress, anxiety, and struggling with sleep become your new normal? If yes, you’re so not alone. It’s easy to feel powerless around these issues. Happily, there are simple, concrete practices that can help. Stephanie Dalfonzo has developed 35 daily skills & techniques that can help women find & put their happiness first, and she shares several in today’s episode.

We get into:

  • why self care is where all care begins
  • how adverse childhood experiences may surface many years later
  • what true gratitude has to do with inner health and happiness
  • how making small daily changes, can orient you to appreciation

Stephanie Dalfonzo is an Anxiety Expert, Speaker, Author and Clinical Hypnotist. Stephanie started her professional life as celebrity DJ Stevie Knox in the 80’s & 90’s. It was during this time she began to experience anxiety so badly she started to suffer from insomnia as well. After a brief success with prescription medication, Stephanie began to explore and educate herself on the treatment of chronic stress & anxiety. Leading her to becoming an expert in her field and the author of, “Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Freedom; How to Build Resilience and Overcome Anxiety.”

Stephanie Dalfonzo’s Website: https://stephaniedalfonzo.com/

“Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Freedom” available here:  https://stephaniedalfonzo.com/goodbye-anxiety-book/

Adverse Childhood Experience Study: Adverse Childhood Experience Study Information

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