Episode 170: Mindfulness for Sleep

with Catherine Polan Orzech, MA, LMFT

In a busy world that seems to demand more and more of our attention everyday, falling asleep can often be a challenge. If you find yourself in this wired-tired state, Catherine Polan Orzech offers some great insight into how we can practice mindfulness throughout our day in order to get better sleep.

By building a compassionate interest in ourselves, we can begin to treat ourselves with more friendliness and avoid creating additional layers of suffering for ourselves in the times when sleep just isn’t happening. That shift towards non-judgment, stemming from a mindfulness practice, goes a long way towards setting ourselves up to feel better and sleep better.

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity:

  • A quick energy integrity inquiry practice
  • How Catherine got onto this track of mindfulness based help for insomnia
  • The feedback loop of sleeping better and meditating better
  • What she learned in the process of writing her book that surprised her
  • How she defines mindfulness and why we all have the capacity do it

Catherine Polan Orzech is the author of “Mindfulness for Insomnia.” She is on faculty at OHSU Center for Women’s Health and is an expert in mindfulness based interventions. Catherine has been involved in the field of mind/body healing for over 20 years. She offers mindfulness and compassion-based individual, couple and family therapy in her private practice setting. She specializes in working with ways to alleviate anxiety, depression, the struggles felt in difficult relationships, chronic and serious illness, loss and grief.


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