Episode 173: Permission to Slow Down

with Andrea Claassen

In the spirit of a new year and taking a step back to replenish ourselves, this episode is a special rebroadcast of a conversation from Andrea Claassen’s podcast with a focus on stress and better stress management. A big thanks to Andrea for allowing us to rebroadcast this one.

If you’re looking to adjust some of your habits or make an effort to slow down in the new year, there are some very useful insights into doing just that.

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity:

  • The strengths of Chinese Medicine as an engaged, holistic process of healing
  • Why self-care is a feminist issue
  • How society’s yang addiction is counter-productive
  • The importance of investigating the reasons behind habits
  • How Chinese Medicine can serve as a path for people to evolve


Peaceful Power Podcast #195: Brodie Welch on Slowing Down In a Busy World

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Basics of Chinese Medicine

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