Episode 180: Fertility and Intimacy – A Chinese Medicine perspective

with Denise Wiesner, L.Ac.

Fertility problems are often a lonely and stressful experience, for both men and women, but Denise Wiesner joins this conversation to share why that doesn’t have to be the case.

Denise is a fellow acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine expert that focuses on helping people find balance in their bodies. From menstrual disorders to menopause, Denise helps women to relieve the anxiety around their bodies and regain the sensuality in relationships.

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity:

  • What took her down the road of wanting to write her book
  • The mindset shifts Denise invites women into when working with them on fertility
  • Why acupuncture can offer an important, holistic benefit to people struggling with conception
  • Where she starts with people who are stressed about fertility

Denise Wiesner, LAc, FABORM, is the author of Conceiving with Love: A Whole-Body Approach to Creating Intimacy, Reigniting Passion, and Increasing Fertility. The founder of the Natural Healing and Acupuncture Clinic in West Los Angeles, Wiesner is an internationally recognized traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, specializing in the Whole Systems Chinese medicine approach to women’s health, sexuality, and fertility.


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