Episode 188: Medical Intuition

with Megan Caper, CBP, OTR/L

What happens when we stop trying to actively find the solutions for health problems and instead stop to listen to the information coming to us?

Megan Caper uses a whole other way of getting information about the body outside of the typical method of relying solely on thinking. To begin addressing the underlying iceberg of symptoms and patterns in her patients’ lives, Megan’s approach is to get out of the mode of thinking and into the mode of receiving in order to tap into other unconscious forms of knowing.

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity:

  • How Megan’s holistic lens views us as one system made of three different, but intertwined, components
  • Why she felt like a piece was missing when she was studying pre-med and how that started her journey into intuitive medicine
  • What it looks like to train the intuition and why she thinks everyone is intuitive
  • Where the best use of medical intuition lies in dealing with health problems
  • Her process for working with clients even though she’s not physically with them

Megan Caper is a medical intuitive, author, and speaker who has helped hundreds of clients who are frustrated with the lack of diagnosis or limited treatment options offered to them by traditional medicine. Megan uses her psychic abilities and medical training to look inside the physical, emotional, and energetic body, find the root cause of the illness, and set clients on the road to true healing. She can be found connecting the dots between science, spirituality, and compassion at www.megancaper.com


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