Episode 189: The Evidence for Acupuncture

with Dr. Mel Hopper Koppelman

There’s a lot of fascinating research being done that continues to bridge the gap between Chinese Medicine and the conventional western medical approach. Dr. Mel Hopper Koppelman joins this conversation to discuss what she’s been seeing in the research of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture.

Using her expertise across multiple medical disciplines, Dr. Koppelman shares with us how drawing on a variety of approaches gives us the flexibility to meet people where they are in their health journey.

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity:

  • How we can try to chart a heathy, sustainable path forward through the COVID-19 pandemic
  • What she’s excited about in the world of acupuncture research right now 
  • Why she finds the research around ATP and adenosine so interesting
  • How different philosophies of science can affect the interpretation of data
  • The importance of having more than one map or model for how things work

Dr. Mel Hopper Koppelman is passionate about helping people to optimize their health and improving access to safe and effective medical care through advocacy and education.

She came to integrative healthcare after overcoming several chronic illnesses using integrative approaches, which conventional medicine was unable to help her treat. She earned an MSc in Acupuncture in 2012 from the Northern College in the UK and a second MSc in Nutrition and Functional Medicine in 2015 from the University of Western States. She also has a diploma in hypnotherapy, which she enjoys weaving into her treatments.

She sees patients both online and at her practice in Rhode Island, Harbor Integrative Health, and is the Executive Director of Evidence Based Acupuncture.


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