Episode 194: Lyme Disease with Chinese Herbal Medicine

with Brehan Crawford, L.Ac.

One of the greatest strengths inherent to Chinese Medicine is the focus on getting specific to the individual and the symptoms they’re expressing, rather than only focusing on the predetermined diagnosis and treatment.

Brehan Crawford brings this lens to treating chronic conditions like Lyme Disease. Through Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, Brehan helps patients not only support their immune system with the specific changes they need, but learn to maintain it as they would other functions of the body, like strength or flexibility.

On the other side of these difficult journeys through Lyme or other complicated illnesses, there is often a great evolution for both the patients and their communities.

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity:

  • Why Lyme disease is so controversial
  • What can often constitute an effective Lyme diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Why current tests for Lyme can sometimes be unreliable
  • Brehan’s case for how Chinese Medicine may be more effective for Lyme than allopathic medicine
  • The role medical Qigong plays in helping patients stay in remission

Brehan Crawford has spent the last decade specializing in the treatment of Lyme disease and its associated conditions. He practices in Oregon with patients from around the globe and teaches other practitioners how to address this growing epidemic.


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