Episode 203: How Acupuncture Works – The Science Behind the Healing

with Mark Whalen, L.Ac.

If you’re curious about trying acupuncture or know someone who may benefit from it, it can be helpful to understand some of the background science for how acupuncture works. At a high level, Mark Whalen describes it as working with patients’ own internal mechanisms to heal the body.

Since our bodies are always seeking homeostasis, sometimes they just need a stimulus, like acupuncture, to draw the attention of the central nervous system to the affected areas. Mark guides us through how he views this process through a mesh of both classic and current ways of thinking about healing.

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity:

  • His path of desperation with nerve pain that led him to acupuncture
  • Why treatment doesn’t always involve dealing directly with pain areas
  • How he explains acupuncture when a patient asks how it works
  • What is happening, biomedically, when an acupuncture needle enters the body
  • How effects of acupuncture can relate to the default mode network of the brain

Mark Whalen is the owner and acupuncturist at Five Points Acupuncture & Wellness. He first became interested in acupuncture while he was a patient. Facing an unwanted surgery for a nerve entrapment, Mark turned to acupuncture and not only did it resolve his issue, it changed his life.

Mark went on to graduate from the New England School of Acupuncture in 2005 with a Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. He is certified in Acupuncture by the Massachusetts Board of Medicine and in Herbal Medicine by the NCCAOM.

Mark believes in integrating the traditional Chinese Medical model with modern Allopathic Medicine to get the best results for his patients.


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