Episode 206: Chronic Pain, Migraines, Brain Injuries – Acupuncture & Functional Neurology

with Dr. Ayla Wolf

If you suffer from chronic pain, migraines, ongoing concussion symptoms, or really anything related to neurology, you’ll definitely want to check out this conversation with Dr. Ayla Wolf.

Dr. Wolf blends the paradigms of functional neurology, Chinese Medicine, and acupuncture to bring a unique healing perspective to her patients. By looking at people in real time, rather than just a snapshot of their conditions, she’s able to analyze and apply differential diagnoses to treat the whole, connected system of the brain and body.

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity:

  • What functional neurology is and how it looks in a Chinese Medicine setting
  • Why things can get missed when looking at patients in specialized silos
  • How the dynamic nature of the nervous system can affect neurological exams
  • What the research says on the cumulative effects of acupuncture treatments
  • Some insight into how herbs can interact with the immune system of the brain

Dr. Ayla Wolf is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine specializing in neurological disorders, concussions and traumatic brain injuries.  She is a faculty member of the Carrick Institute of Clinical Neuroscience and Rehabilitation, and teaches doctoral program courses in neurology as an adjunct faculty of the AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine, and American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is an international speaker and educator on functional neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, neurological exam techniques, and neuro-rehabilitation utilizing acupuncture and Chinese medicine. She also teaches advanced courses on the management of patients with concussions and TBI.


Carrick Institute

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