Episode 208: Reactivity and Anger – Dialing it Down

with Melissa Wolak

In challenging times, taking the time to make sure we take care of ourselves can be especially difficult. As the changes brought on by COVID continue to affect us, we’re all coping with more stress which can lead to increased anger and irritability. Given these constraints, how can we work to ensure we’re meeting our own needs in order to keep our relationships peaceful and harmonious?

Melissa Wolak provides some excellent, practical advice for naming, claiming, and processing our anger so we can move on more productively. Anger is often a habitual reaction and Melissa shares ways to approach finding and changing our reaction habits when facing stress and uncertainty.

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity:

  • What the difference is between reacting and responding
  • How we can stay resilient and flexible in our window of tolerance
  • Why affect labeling is important to reducing reactivity
  • What the different types of anger are and how they often show up
  • How we can get more in touch with the existence or presence of anger

Melissa Wolak mentors and leads women to reclaim their energy, time and wellbeing with powerful mindset shifts, deepening their mind-body connection and establishing sustainable lifestyle practices. As a mindset and empowerment coach, she is a fierce advocate for creating more fulfillment, freedom and self-compassion. The foundation of her movement and unique system connects science and soul. She incorporates her 23 years of experience in the healthcare and neurotrauma fields as a holistic Speech-Language Cognitive therapist, education with a Bachelors and Masters in Communication Science Disorders and her development of tools to conquer stress and burnout by incorporating neuroscience, mindfulness and assertive communication strategies.


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