Episode 211: Healing with Your Heart

with Carine Camara

If you’ve been looking for a different approach to cultivating emotional wellness and wellbeing, you will definitely want to catch this conversation.

With influence on essentially every system in the body, the heart is the conductor of our inner orchestra. The heart is also capable of healing on a deep, programming level.

Carine Camara identifies the heart and its energy as the most powerful force in the body. By using heart centered healing along with a blend of other paradigms, she helps people access their love and joy to fill themselves up so they can then fill up others.

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity:

  • What drew Carine to work with the energy of the heart
  • The mechanisms of using heart energy to create healing
  • A short guided meditation to help us connect with our hearts
  • Why this practice is particularly powerful for empaths and highly sensitive people
  • What she recommends people do to start cultivating a deeper connection to their heart

Carine Camara is an intuitive guide, acupuncturist, energy medicine practitioner, and the Host of the Infinite Love Podcast. Her mission is to help people heal. Carine’s offerings/services are a unique blend of intuitive and energetic healing, practical science, and care. She has devoted her life to the study of physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. For the last 20 years, she has immersed myself in the healing sciences. Carine began by studying plant based nutrition, to heal her own physical issues, and later obtained her Masters in Chinese Medicine.

Her practice and knowledge continued to expand, as she trained in Energy Medicine, and works closely with spiritual coaches, teachers and more. For those who are suffering from chronic illness, highly sensitive and/or looking for support in their lives, Carine has a wealth of knowledge to guide you back to wellness. She has an online practice and a holistic clinic located in Lafayette – where she serves the San Francisco Bay Area community.



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