Episode 213: Practical Qi Gong

with Fabrice Piché

As we continue to investigate ways we can use our bodies to affect our minds, we’re taking a deeper look at qi gong and how we can use the practice to change how our energy is flowing. An energy exercise that blends intention, breath, and the shape of our bodies, qi gong is a powerful tool to help realign both the physical and energetic systems.

Febrice Piché is here to teach us more about qi gong in a really grounded, down to earth way that’s easily accessible. With the wide ranging benefits these practices have, Fabrice believes they can ultimately help us develop the ability to be fully human.

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity:

  • How Fabrice explains gasotransmitters and their functions
  • What the difference is between medical qi gong and qi gong in general
  • Why most qi gong practices can be helpful for almost everyone
  • Some of Fabrice’s tips to enhance a breathing practice
  • What benefits we can get from focusing on our breath and how we breathe

Fabrice discovered Qigong and Chinese Medicine in 1997 at the National Institute of Chinese Medicine in Montreal (Canada).

In 2009, he began specializing in Medical Qigong with the International Institute of Medical Qigong, in Palm Desert, California.

In 2011, he had the privilege to study with Professor Lin Housheng, Director of the Shanghai Qigong Research Institute and creator of the Taiji Qigong Shibashi system.

A pioneer in teaching Qigong online, specializing in Medical Qigong and its use in Chinese Medicine therapy, Fabrice is passionate about linking cutting edge science and ancient healing arts.


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US Health Qigong Association

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