Episode 214: Embodiment as Conscious Path

with Brooke Thomas

What does it mean to be embodied?

To start cultivating embodiment, we can often begin by bringing more focus to what it’s like to inhabit our body rather than just where we are. The body does a lot more than just act as a vehicle to move the brain around from place to place.

Brooke Thomas uses a variety of methods and media to help others onto the path of embodiment. As she joins this conversation, she brings lots of excellent insight into that process to help us start connecting to our genuine lived experience.

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity:

  • What embodiment means to Brooke
  • What the three dimensions of experience are
  • How she starts to help people learn to check in with their bodies
  • Why ease is hallmark of discernment
  • Walking through a sensory practice that Brooke uses to help people start shifting their being

Brooke Thomas works in a variety of ways to teach about how to cultivate a relationship with our bodies, and therefore with our being, and how that can have a profound positive impact on an individual and collective level. At its core, her work is a lived inquiry about what it means to shift out of a mental/conceptual lens and into an embodied/experiential lens. This shift truly changes everything about how we meet ourselves and the world.

She is a Realization Process teacher who works with clients one-on-one as an embodied coach, and does group work within the online embodied practice community, Liberated Being. She was a Rolfer in private practice for 20 years prior to this work.
She has run two podcasts, Liberated Being (formerly known as Liberated Body), and Bliss + Grit, which she co-created with her friend Vanessa Scotto.


Judith Blackstone

Bright-Sided by Barbara Ehrenreich

Connect With Brooke Thomas:


Liberated Being

Liberated Being Podcast

Bliss and Grit Podcast




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