Episode 221: Momentum, Inertia, and Self-Kindness – Lessons from Winter

with Brodie Welch, L.Ac.

Chinese Medicine teaches us that winter is a time of quiet and stillness, a time for reflecting and conserving scarce resources.

As we reflect on how we navigate the world, it’s also a good time to get radically honest with ourselves about what we’re holding space for in our lives. With the podcast entering a new, slower period of creation, it can be helpful to examine and take a break from things that we’re keeping in motion just for the sake of motion. We can look inward and honor what our body and mind are telling us – to say no to things that are unnecessary so we can leave space open for the things that are.

On Today’s Solo Episode of A Healthy Curiosity:

  • What the new era of the podcast will focus on
  • An overview of how seasons and timing are reflected in Chinese Medicine
  • Why breaks are so important and yin engenders yang
  • One way to test if tiredness is truly fatigue or just stagnating energy


Episode 220: Q+A – 5 Elements for Personal Growth & Getting Out of the Way

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