Episode 226: Freeing Your Vagus Nerve – Self-Care Tutorial

with Kieran Schumaker, LMT

Given the stress and restriction of the last year, a lot of us might be carrying around some neck pain or unproductive posture. In the spirit of allowing ourselves to do less than we’re humanly capable of, this conversation will address how we can work to reverse these issues with very gentle movements. Movements that invite us to be curious about the sensations we feel rather than trying to force our bodies to move in a certain way.

To help guide us, Kieran Schumaker joins us for this episode to share their unique approach to bodywork. If you’re into optimizing the functioning of your autonomic nervous system or the blood flow to your brain, you won’t want to miss what Kieran brings to this conversation.

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity:

  • How Kier started connecting different sets of knowledge they were studying through structural integration
  • What neurovascular release is and how it’s different from structural integration
  • Some background on where the vagus nerve is and what it does in the body
  • A tutorial on a couple self-care strategies for working with the vagus nerve

Kieran Schumaker has been helping people with discomfort and pain discover greater agility and ease of movement while cultivating curiosity and an appreciation for our amazing bodies, for 23 years. A Board Certified Structural Integrator since 2005, Kier has been developing their unique approach to working more specifically with nerves and arteries over the last eleven years.

In addition to working with clients, Kier had been mentoring and teaching other practitioners until the COVID crisis shut down their practice and put an end to in-person classes. In response, Kier started adapting their Neurovascular Release techniques so that they could work with clients over Zoom, and soon after began teaching other practitioners how to lead their clients through self-treatment sessions.


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