Episode 227: TCM Nutrition tips for a Healthy Digestive Microbiome

with Dr. Darlene Easton, DACM

Our digestive microbiome supports every other system in our bodies. Since we can’t use what we can’t digest and what we can’t digest can cause problems, we can see cascading effects through our bodies if something’s not right.

Here to unpack how the digestive system works and its central role in the body is Dr. Darlene Easton. She brings us some practical insights to help us understand our digestive functions and shift our understanding of our place in the world as living ecosystems.

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity:

  • Why Dr. Easton thinks everyone should be obsessed with digestion
  • What she would like people to do differently to improve their microbiome and digestive health
  • How we can use Chinese Medicine to address common issues,  like acid reflux, instead of over-the-counter medications
  • Why bile is so important to our bodies

Dr. Easton earned her MSAOM (1998), MSACN (2011) and DACM (20200. She is an NCCAOM diplomate and board certified CNS. Dr. Easton has earned 2 post-graduate certifications from Guangzhou TCM Hospital and 9 certificates from Zhejiang University Hospital.
With 20 years in higher education, she’s taught all aspects of TCM including dietary therapy and nutrition. She was an associate professor at NY College of Health Professions (1999-2003) and NYCC’s Finger Lakes School of AOM (2003-2019). Dr. Easton is now in private practice offering health and nutritional consulting while she continues to teach online to professionals around the world.



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