Episode 234: Self-healing with Acupressure – There’s an App for That

with Katie Pedrick, L.Ac.

A consistent theme in this show is empowering you to embody self-respect through daily actions; to take small steps in the direction of better. The body is always seeking balance and homeostasis through its own intelligence and there are usually actions we can take to help support that process. One such way is using points on the body to take care of yourself through acupressure.

Katie Pedrick, L.Ac. joins us for this conversation to unpack some of the self-care possibilities that come from putting your own hands on your body. As another proponent of empowering you to support your body’s natural intelligence, Katie co-founded the Moxa Acupressure app as a way to further put the process into your hands.

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity:

  • Katie’s journey to Chinese Medicine after starting out studying western medicine
  • What led her to creating the Moxa app to expand access for patients
  • How acupressure can be applied for a noticeable effect on our health
  • The method for providing personalization in the app and why that’s important
  • An example of how to access a point with acupressure

Katie Pedrick is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist with a thriving practice in Boston (VIBE Wellness), as well as the cofounder of the Moxa Acupressure app. She began her career in cancer and pharmaceutical research with a masters in biotechnology from Harvard University, then turned her attention to Eastern medicine, earning her doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental medicine from the Pacific College of Health Sciences. She is passionate about combining modern western science with ancient eastern wisdom, and is on a mission to empower others to reach their most vibrant health through accessible wellness.


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