Episode 236: Care and Feeding of Your Microbiome

with Dr. Chris Damman

We’re not what we eat, but what we digest. And the microbes that help us digest outnumber our own human cells exponentially. Represented by the Earth element of Chinese Medicine, the gut microbial ecosystem is essential in digesting our food, fending off pathogens, regulating our metabolism and certain hormones, as well as helping us to feel grounded and centered.

Dr. Chris Damman joins Brodie Welch, L.Ac. for this wide-ranging conversation on the care and feeding of the trillions of microbes that constitute our gut microbiome.

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity:

  • What the microbiome is and why it’s so important
  • The gut-brain axis and mental health
  • What even healthy eaters may be missing in their diet
  • Why resistant starch is an important facet of our nutritional intake

Dr. Damman earned his BA/MA from Wesleyan University, MD from Columbia University, and is a board-certified, actively practicing gastroenterologist. With a background at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation where he led the gut health, microbiome and functional food initiative, Dr. Damman focused on the role of diet and microbiome-targeted therapies. Dr.Damman specialized in treating gastrointestinal, metabolic, and neurologic disease throughout his five-year tenure at the foundation.


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