Episode 237: The Hormone Balance Pyramid

with Ali Damron, L.Ac.

Moving from overwhelm to a more healthy life is often about small steps. One such step can be embracing the philosophy of seeing how so many things can be connected. Approaching symptoms we’re experiencing through the lens of the mind-body connection can help us do things like calm down our nervous system and reduce stress while still doing everything we need to do in our lives.

Ali Damron, a colleague in the Chinese Medicine field, joins this conversation to dig into this philosophy of connectedness, particularly with regard to hormone balancing. When we attune to the part our hormones play in our health, it’s another great tool in treating both the roots and branches of issues we may be dealing with.

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity:

  • What kinds of problems Ali helps people with through hormone balancing
  • How she begins unraveling symptoms and stress with clients
  • Ali’s own journey with burnout and how that informs her work today
  • The structure of the hormone balance pyramid — and what to focus on first

Ali is a wife, mom to 2 little boys, an acupuncturist and hormone expert. Over the last twelve years, she’s helped hundreds of women overcome hormonal balancing, weight loss, pregnancy, and postpartum, and menopausal symptoms.


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