Episode 101: Focus and Productivity

with Ellen Goodwin

One of the foundational principles I teach is how implementing simple healthy habits can allow you to be more present and productive in all areas in your life. It was an honor to have today’s guest, Ellen Goodwin, on the show to contribute her perspective, experiences, and tips on habits, productivity, and accountability.

Ellen Goodwin is a productivity expert, speaker, and coach who works with entrepreneurs to build stronger habits and to harness the power of accountability so that their businesses will thrive and grow. Today she shares with us her journey of procrastination and how it led her to her true passion and greater joy in her life. We talk about understanding how the brain works and various ways we have found to set boundaries and implement habits in our lives, and how you can do the same.

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity:

  • The 4 different kinds of procrastination and how to overcome them
  • Simple steps to greater productivity in your life
  • Understanding the brain and learning to interrupt self-sabotaging patterns
  • Setting yourself up for success through focus, fun, and taking imperfect action
  • The difference between motion and action and why it matters to you

Connect with Ellen Goodwin:

On her Website: www.ellengoodwin.com
On Facebook: www.facebook.com/EllenGoodwincom

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