Episode 11: Emotional Healing & Acupuncture, Part 1

On today’s show, Brodie talks with a long-time patient, “Marcia” –  not her real name, per her request. We talk about how acupuncture helped her let go of emotions related to post-traumatic stress that she developed after a camping trip with her husband that led to an ER visit and emergency quadruple-bypass surgery. Marcia’s story is a powerful example of how acupuncture can help us let go of stuck energy in the form of emotions.

Marcia also describes how understanding herself from a Chinese Medicine perspective helped her to develop self-compassion, and self-love, and appreciation. In particular, we get into the notion of Constitutional Type. Kind of like the Myers-Briggs Personality test, your astrological sign, your Enneagram number, or your Ayurvedic Dosha, Chinese Medicine likens different aspects of our physiology, psychology, and mental tendencies to the elements of nature: wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity, we explore:

  • Issues that Marcia has used Acupuncture to help treat
  • What part of the acupuncture process is most helpful in treating these issues?
  • How the pre-treatment interview process helps patients tune in to deeper issues
  • Emotional release during treatment and emotions as qi
  • How slowing down our lives can help us feel more in control
  • Having compassion for yourself
  • How identifying your constitutional type can help you keep yourself and your life in balance
  • Similarities and differences between emotional healing in acupuncture and talk therapy


Click here to discover your particular constitutional type.

When we can act with greater self-awareness, we open ourselves up to new possibilities. Recognizing that we don’t have to be bound by our go-to tendencies and habits, we are free to stretch into the fullness of our potential on all levels. We may even discover new latent superpowers — inner strengths we have yet to tap.

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