Episode 12: Emotional Healing & Acupuncture, Part II

On today’s show, Brodie talks with a long-time patient, Cori. We talk about how acupuncture helped Cori realize just how much she was expecting of herself, mentally, emotionally and physically, and the effects it was having on her body and her mind. Cori’s story is a powerful one of habit change, self-healing, and accepting one’s boundaries in pursuit of a healthier, happier life. When injury and illness literally knocked her off her feet, Cori found the strength to seek solutions, acknowledge unhealthy patterns, and listen to what her body was telling her.

Special thanks go out to Cori for the great idea to create this 3-part series on emotional healing.

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity:

  • How overworking our minds and bodies can negatively affect our health
  • How “sucking it up” is probably not the best coping mechanism
  • How ignoring the messages our bodies are sending can lead to worse outcomes
  • Giving up or scaling back certain treats can be well worth the positive health outcomes
  • You don’t know what a drastic change can do until you try it
  • How emotional and mental strife can produce adverse physical effects
  • Slowing down and staying present, and how these things provide relief for chronic pain


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