Episode 67: GABA for Sleep, Anxiety, and Pain

with Beverly Meyer

Beverly Meyer is a practitioner, podcaster, and blogger who, like so many of us, have struggled with her own health issues early in life. In her college years, Beverly contracted herpes and she was disappointed at what was conventionally known at the time. She sought other doctors, received natural and conservative treatment, and she was able to at least suppress its symptoms. She has since become an advocate for alternative medicine and has established herself as a household name in the Paleo world.

In today’s episode, Beverly shares her learning experience and why she had an interest to research GABA. She also explains why she calls GABA the “forgotten neurotransmitter” and what you can do to determine if you’re low in GABA and how to improve your levels.

“GABA is that neurotransmitter that’s keeping things at a stable, steady pattern.” – Beverly Meyer

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity:

  • The four main neurotransmitters in the body.
  • How seizures are linked to GABA.
  • GABA’s main roles in the body.
  • Does GABA get depleted and can it be increased through our diet?
  • Why she tells her clients to remove gluten in their diet.
  • Her favorite sleep trick.
  • GABA sources she recommends.
  • What is “leaky brain”?
  • Her thoughts on seeing traditional doctors.

Key Takeaway:

  • People have to be willing to speak up and acknowledge that they deserve better doctors.
  • The problem is human life right now revolves around stress. Our rational minds are swamped with irrational events that we can’t place in a rational system.
  • Every cell in your body is programed to win, to live, and to do its job perfectly. We don’t have to make things happen, our job is to let things happen.

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