Episode 69: High Vibration Living

with Robyn Openshaw

Robyn Openshaw helped skyrocket the whole “green smoothie” trend all the way to mainstream media and has been known as the official Green Smoothie Girl then ever since. More than green smoothies and shakes, Robyn has authored several books about health and wellness, a former psychotherapist, college professor, and a mom of four lovely children. She’s on the verge of launching her new book called “VIBE” which explores the connection between living a healthy lifestyle and vibrational frequencies. It sounds out there for a lot of people, and she gets that, but she’s confident this will change the way we view diets and fitness forever.

In today’s episode, Robyn discusses her new-found interest in vibrational frequencies and the science that surrounds the topic. She also explains how just about every living thing emits certain frequencies, that even the smallest choices can alter our own vibrations and affect our well being.

“Anyone or anything in our energy field can raise or lower our own frequencies.” – Robin Openshaw

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity:

  • Her journey from Green Smoothie Girl to discovering the vibrations of the universe.
  • How Einstein and Tesla inspired her to write her book “VIBE”
  • What her book is all about
  • Why the healing properties of vibration and frequency are already mainstream.
  • Emotions that are high frequency.
  • How vibrations can affect human interaction and relationships
  • The vibrational frequencies of some foods
  • How we can reduce the dirty energy in our environment
  • Why people should raise their energetic vibrations

Key Takeaway:

  • Higher vibrations are associated with high frequency emotions.
  • Paying attention to the effects of micro choice can allow us to resonate a frequency 10 Hz higher.
  • Unfortunately, we’re still evaluating food if it’s good or bad based on calories. It’s self-serving and has nothing to do with food being healthy or not.

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