How To Stay Healthy This Fall By Moving Your Lymph

It’s that time again to share some simple tips on how to stay healthy by moving and detoxifying your lymph.

When your lymph gets sludgy, the body’s first-line-of-defense detox-and-drainage system gets bogged down, turning you into prime real estate for a virus or bacterium to make itself at home, as well as contributing to things like skin rashes, brain fog*, and digestive issues.

You don’t want that. Fortunately, there’s plenty you can do to keep your lymph clean and flowing like a stream instead of a stagnant pond. Click here to check out the video for some easy, practical tips.

*Fun fact: the brain drains about three pounds of plaques and toxins into the lymphatic system via a system of pathways that were only “discovered” a few years ago, but which Ayurvedic Medicine identified thousands of year ago. Nasya oil, available from Banyan Botanicals is a great way to help to activate this brain drainage to clear out those plaques and toxins.

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