Episode 90: Psychology of Eating

with Amy Krasner

In today’s episode, we discuss the connection between mindset and health, specifically when it comes to healthy eating and weight loss. My guest is Amy Krasner who supports women who are struggling with low energy, digestive issues and difficulty losing weight. I met Amy at a workshop where the focus was on deep self-reflection on what parts of our own stories can actually be a service to others. She shares what led her to where she is now as well as understanding how to nourish our own bodies and developing a practice of positive self-talk.

As a Holistic Nutritionist and a Natural Chef, Amy has helped hundreds of women to improve their health by understanding how to nourish their bodies. In addition to nutrition consulting, Amy supports women to create a healthier relationship with food through Eating Psychology and Intuitive Eating methodologies. She uses a unique approach of 80% mindset and 20% nutrition to help women overcome physical and emotional blocks that have held them back from success with other diet and exercise approaches.

“I see so many women who feel that they are alone in their struggle to lose or maintain weight. I want to remind them that this is a much bigger collective issue…that working with others can not only give them the support they need, but also gives them the opportunity to provide support to others.” –Amy Krasner

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity:

  • Tuning into and paying attention to how you as an individual react to food.
  • How we can avoid demonizing certain foods.
  • What’s important about mindset when it comes to eating?
  • The connection between behavior and our food choices.
  • Tips for those of us who may struggle with mindful eating.
  • How to move away from negative self-talk especially when it comes to food.
  • How can women develop a better sense of body image in the face of an ever-prevalent cultural messaging that seems to set a standard?
  • Listening to our intuition when it comes to overcoming cravings – especially when it comes to food that may not be so good for us…like sugar.
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