Episode 121: Putting Your Oxygen Mask on First

with Carly Banks

On today’s episode of A Healthy Curiosity, you’ll learn about:

  • Becoming a successful role model
  • The trickle-down benefits of prioritizing your own wellbeing
  • Self-care for kids
  • Establishing the new norm
  • Developing your emotional intelligence

In learning the foundational teachings of Ayurvedic wellness, along with the science behind the power of routine, and the unbelievable level at which our habits – good and bad – dictate our reality, Carly Banks has created routines and daily practices that fill her cup, thereby filling up her kids. The habits she’s picked up along her journey, and translated into the new normal for her whole family, have yielded HUGE results, in so many ways, in a SUPER SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME. Her purpose at www.thehabit.net has become sharing what she’s learned with every woman she can reach, because every mom deserves to feel this good.

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